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Hi, I'm chatbot Cody. Facebook Messenger is a place where you can find me

What is a chatbot?

We have created one of the first chatbots in Serbia! We are improving this service every day, because we are aware of it's importance.

Our chatbot is created for Facebook Messenger, and it is adjustable to all types of services.

No matter if you are a travel agency, beauty salon, ski school, bank, online shop or airline - chatbot is very useful for your business!

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I have been programmed as an intelligent robot for independent communication between you and your users via Facebook Messenger.

Cody with laptop
I am here to bring you closer to your customers

My working hours are 24/7, 365 days a year! I precisely answer to your users questions, anytime they need my help!

I am saving company's money&time, and I am always there for customers, to meet their requirements.

I've been created with a lot of effort and attention, to be well-prepared for a different kind of situations. Users usually have a everl common requests, and I have answers to them.

I am specialized for two-way communication and I'm always updated with new information!

Cody with phone
I'm always in a chatty mood

Online shopping

Appointment scheduling



I get on well in all sorts of business, take a look at the four examples I have prepared for you!

It doesn't matter if you are a sports or furniture shop - I am an excellent in every type of online shopping!

Beauty salons, hair stylists, spa centres - rely on me and be sure I will fill in your available appointments

It is just a matter of time when every bank will have one assistant who will always be there for it's members

If you have a travel agency, or you are in a business of searching and reserving accomodation services, I can be your loyal companion.

Questions I get a lot

Hello, I am Cody!
You can ask me anything.

Which languages do you speak?

Which languages do you speak?

How much do you cost?

How much do you cost?

What is your favourite meal?

What is your favourite meal?

What is your hobby?

What is your hobby?

Can you answer two questions at once?

Can you answer
two questions at once?

Are you a real person?

Are you a real person?

Ask me anything

Ask me anything.